An Unexpected Stroke in the Cadfeels
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Sadly I’m announcing that this blog is going to be in hiatus until Brother DeadBoat (spacenik) returns, sadly he has been inactive for more than a month

I’m going to be leaving this blog till he returns.
I already co-run a cosplay blog with personal friends and now have taken up co-adminship of another blog which is much more active with more followers, in a more active fandom 

sorry to tell you this 


Happy Birthday, Sir Derek Jacobi!!!


I think the PRB would have liked Edith Pargeter’s Cafael, medieval intrigue, a holy man with a violent past, an array of heroines, lots of botanicals and some good swords

Just so you know this blog isn’t dead

~Admin Monkshood

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think I might waste spend the day to highly productive stuff by watching nothing but Cadfael tomorrow

~Admin Monkshood


Saint Francis in Meditation, 1635 - 1639, oil on canvas: by. Francisco de Zurbarán. National Gallery, London.

Saint Serapion, 1628, oil on canvas: by. Francisco de Zurbarán. Wadsworth Atheneum, Connecticut.

Hello :) First of all ... amazing blog! I'm 5000% excited to find it xD I was just wondering if you knew of any gifsets from 'The Raven in the Foregate' ... in particular when Cadfael is hollering at Fr Ailnoth? It's a great badass moment! I tried to make one but it failed *crying forever* :) :) much love !!!! :) :)

I haven’t seen any around Tumblr at all, I have looked. I haven’t come across many on the internet in general. Videos on Youtube aren’t in the best quality either.

I would have a go at making some GIFs but I honestly have no idea where to start and I really don’t have the time after starting college this year. 

~ AdminMonkshood


you know ive hit quality blogging when i post a picture of 16 vicars riding on oblivion 


you know ive hit quality blogging when i post a picture of 16 vicars riding on oblivion 

I think I may be able to record some clips of me reading the Cadfael novels when they arrive with a nifty voice recorder app on my new phone.

however that needs repaired too but I really wanna make it happen

~Admin Monkshood